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What is an umbrella company?

This new way of working emerged in France in the 1990s.

It is an alternative to:

  • setting up a company: you create your portfolio of customers and delegate administrative tasks to the umbrella company.

  • conventional employment: you offer your skills to your clients through temporary missions, whether brief or long-term, and you enjoy the advantages of employee status.



Graduates (for a first work experience),

Project initiators (to validate the project and test the market free of risk),

Skilled specialists seeking a job,

Consultants (to free themselves of all the tasks related to administration, accounting and tax compliance, in order to devote themselves exclusively to the work in hand),

Skilled specialists in employment (complementary income and test a new employer),

The retired or pre-retired (wishing to maintain a part-time activity and gain additional income).


Umbrella companies make it possible to intervene in a mission to meet the actual needs of companies seeking external skills.

The intervenor enjoys the advantages of employee status.

AD'Missions will set up your commercial contract, invoice your services and draw up your employment contract, which governs the payment of your salary. We handle the filing of returns and administrative formalities on your behalf.



AD’Missions is in possession of the requisite authorisations to operate staff placements and the leasing of services:

           Cantonal licence granted by the Swiss public employment agency to operate all over Switzerland.

           Federal licence granted by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) for transborder activities.

  These licences allow us to work freely in Switzerland and throughout the EU.

Working with AD'Missions ensures that you can work with Swiss legislation.

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