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AD'Missions has been the leading umbrella company since 1997


AD'Missions Switzerland commenced operations in 2014. It has the benefit of the recognised experience of AD'Missions France. A pioneer in France, AD'Missions was one of the first companies to be set up in the sector. Now a major player, we are recognised for the reliability of our services and the quality of our commitment.

A benchmark partner for both consultants and companies, AD'Missions today has more than 2,500 salaried-consultants in France and internationally, achieving an annual turnover of 41 million euros. AD'Missions possesses a network of 15 regional agencies providing complete coverage of French territory, and a team of 35 full-time employees.


Run by a team of specialists in human resources and business management, AD'Missions devised the concept of salary engineering, which, beyond the straightforward umbrella company, encompasses the following skills areas:
- administration,
- legal,
- commercial,
- strategic...
providing special support and securing the professional life of freelance contactors.


A comprehensive, transparent service.

Ad'missions charges commission on a sliding scale depending on the turnover invoiced.




Your contact :

Right from your first mission, AD'Missions places at your service a dedicated human resources agent, working exclusively for AD'Missions. This preferential contact follows your contract and provides you with special assistance in the daily management of your business activities.

Your consulting and support services :

To accompany you in your projects, the teams at AD'Missions provide you with advice and assistance in a number of fields: strategy, marketing and communication, sales development, project definition, skills assessment and development...

Each person is unique, each situation is specific.


AD'Missions adapts, advises and suggests what is best in relation to your situation, in order to optimise your income.  

When you use AD'Missions you will realise the extent to which our flexibility, skills, and the quality of our employment administration services can be decisive in your projects.

Admissions SuisseLocated at
20 Rue François Perréard, Chene-Bourg, Geneve.
Phone: 02 24 00 00 25